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Virgin 360 and Earc LG C1 with SP11RA

Joining in

I have virgin 360 with LG C1 with LG Sp11ra soundbar and I'm unable to use Earc or Arc I messes up my sound and reverts back to TV speaker or doesn't let me use the soundbar mode control so can change the sound modes like cinema sports etc etc through soundbar on TV through Hdmi I have tried everything to sort this the only way I can is by using optical sound instead by disconnecting the hdmi also the remote doesn't control sound bar when hdmi rigged up but dose with optical I understand its a problem with 360 boxes so has anybody found a way to fix this please because for a 2000 grand setup I should be able to use hdmi sound which is clearly better than optical it never done it with sky Q and help much appreciated 


Community elder

Hi Geordiejohn,

I've got a C1 and SP8Y connected eARC with the following settings,

  • Select Mode AI Sound Pro

Advanced Settings

  • DTV Audio Setting > Auto
  • TV Sound Mode Share > Off
  • Sound Bar Mode Control > On
  • LG Sound Sync > Off
  • Digital Sound output > Pass Through
  • eARC Support > On

and the 360 is set to Follow Content.


Hi roy247. 

With your set up with the C1 and your soundbar  on digital sound output on pass through do you experience any problems as that's the only thing I aint tried as av tried everything else 

No problems, if you want to select the different sound modes (Cinema Sport etc) you can.


Oh great I'll try that thanks mate that's exactly what I'm looking for just hope the sound modes dont gray out like when pass through on auto it says sommat like to change this setting revert back to TV speakers to be able to use the sound modes likes cinema sports etc etc 

It seams to be working now av set it too pass through 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

I take that back it now says sound mode not supported after working most of the day so guess virgin need to bring out a update for there 360 box as don't know what else to try I've tried everything now grrrrrrr

Below is from my soundbar manual,

Sound effects cannot be changed when Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X® are enabled.
Pressing the Sound Effects button, will result in “NOT SUPPORTED”
appearing on the status display.

Hi there @Geordiejohn 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 


I am so sorry that you have been experiencing these issues with your service and a big thank you to our community members for their help so far. Have you been able to try their advise? 


Have you also been able to check your sound setting via our online help pages here? Some HD channels do not support 360 sound.