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Virgin 360 & Soundbar

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Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed last nights celebrations but hopefully someone with better knowledge than me can assist.

I have a Virgin Media 360 box with the new remote and a Hisense U8G 55U8GQTUK television and everything works well together. I received a new soundbar for my Christmas and it is a Creative Stage V2 soundbar.

When I set it up via Arc HDMI everything works perfectly including using the Virgin remote to control the soundbar. One annoying thing though is that when you raise the volume on the soundbar let say it says 1 and on the TV it shows 3 example being if it shows 10 on the soundbar it shows 30 on the TV.

Is there a way to sync this so that they show the same with an example being the soundbar goes up to 50 so could I have the television showing the same? It can be distracting to see it different. A minor issue I know but annoying.

I thought about using optical from the 360 box to the soundbar but I am unable to programme the new 360 remote to match the soundbar via the new way of scanning which it appears to not allow you to press if I remember 0 and volume down to scan through the codes until the correct one was found. I do not know if this would give me any better sound over what I have via ARC but the main objective would be not using the Creative remote for volume control.

Overall objective is to use optical and pair new 360 remote with soundbar.

As I said I can use ARC HDMI but the distracting thing it it shows both the soundbar and tv on screen display at different volume levels. It appears there is no way to remove the tv on screen volume display after much research.

Any suggestion or fixes would be greatly welcomed and many thanks in advance.



Community elder

Hi scott1966,

Sounds like the 360 is trying to control both the TV and soundbar, do you get sound from both the TV and soundbar. If you do there maybe a setting on the TV to only use a external wired speaker (soundbar using hdmi). If the 360 remote paired successfully to the soundbar have you checked the Volume keys control setting (can be found under Audio & video) is set to the soundbar.

I would recommend using the hdmi for the sound as opposed to the optical, optical doesn't support Dolby Atmos.


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Hi Roy, 

That sounds useful and gave me a thought. I will unpair my TV from 360, see if it still controls the soundbar and if not try and pair via the 360 settings. Very good soundbar for what I want and if need be I can exchange it for a different one. I find it strange that it is not finding the code given that the Creative Stage V2 is one of the most popular soundbars.

Many thanks and I will keep you posted.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Scott,

When searching for the device to pair under the audio setup, select Ceative as the audio system brand, and then type in Stag (the first four characters of Stage V2) as teh device model number

The 360 should then find and control the soundbar.

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Hi Apollo, Roy.

Nothing seems to work which is really frustrating so basically where I am is the following.

HDMI ARC: Everything works perfectly with only sound out from the soundbar and not the TV. The annoying factor is that is shows different volume readouts on the soundbar and television. It drives the good lady nuts and I have found a long thread with similar problems on reddit where many have contacted Hisense who say there is no way to turn off the volume on screen display to stop this happening.

Optical with ARC disconnected: Again works perfectly in the set up meaning only the volume level showing on the soundbar, however, unable to pair remote with soundbar no matter what I do which I find strange. I will try a 360 factory reset today but will not hold my breath. The old system where it scanned and scanned for the correct code was much better. 

It would not be so bad if whilst on ARC that the two volume displays were the same but to see 10 on the soundbar and 30 on the TV is a major distraction. I have even tried to sync the volume OSD to be the same to no avail.

Overall really stumped on this one but will keep you very helpful guys updated on the factory rest to see if it work. This may clear the Hisense TV being paired to my 360 remote as there is no way I can see to unregister a device like a TV paired to the remote. It may be that it does not want to pair to two devices but I doubt this will try all the same.


Hi scott1966, thanks for getting back to us.

Do you have any updates since posting?  Also, have to checked here?  



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Go into Settings, Audio & Video, go to volume keys control and change the setting to your soundbar, this will stop the volume number showing on the tv and it will only show on the soundbar.   Hope this helps.

Hi Dinger

I have the same issue but when go to volume keys control and change to soundbar the volume buttons don't work at all it has to be set to controlling the TV for the 360 remote to work the volume on the sound bar there's no volume coming from the tv it only comes from the sound bar it's weird has to be set to tv for the remote to work the soundbar.

What TV and soundbar do you have and how are they connected, it might also be a setting on the TV depending on how everything is set up.