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Virgin 360 Picture Quality

So I have had Virgin 360 for about a week now,  first impressions are that the new system is excellent.  I love the new modern looking menus and the voice control feature.  There are a few features that aren't quite as good as the old V6, such as the series link options.  But I am hopeful that over time these niggles will be rectified.

My biggest issue with the 360 is the picture quality. OK the 4K content is superb, but the HD picture quality is barely noticeable from SD quality.  Most of the content and channels available are HD.

My TV has two 1080p HD HMDI slots and two  2160p 4K HDMI slots.  Sadly in order to get a picture that is consistently watchable I have had to sacrifice 4K and just use HD, which is disappointing.

If anyone has any solutions other than buying a new TV I would be very grateful.


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