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Virgin 360 Ethernet Connection?

Tuning in

I've just upgraded my existing boxes to 360. Neither box is anywhere near the wi-fi hub. I have managed to connect one box by using a BT Mesh Wi-Fi extender and plugging in an ethernet cable into that. The other box is in a room with no Wi-Fi signal (13mps according to the app) and the set-up stuck on connect Ethernet cable. An hour over the phone with a technician didn't solve anything as he didn't seem to understand the problem. 

By taking the extender from the first box, I have managed to upload the software and the other box is now working via the coax but keeps saying there is no ethernet connection and it won't connect to the Wi-Fi, question is can I just run it as it is without the internet connection?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

With V360 boxes, definitely not. Horizon V360 is a server based system. With no connection to the hub your box cannot connect to the local V360 server. This will prevent you from doing everything except watch live TV channels. No recordings or playback, no On Demand or streamed content, no programme guide etc. The box will also not get NIT updates, which tell the box where to find channels on the broadcast muxes Virgin uses, hence your live channels will also start to disappear.

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Very Insightful Person

Hi Owdmon 

Do you still have the ethernet cable plugged into the back of the 360 box? 

If so remove it as the  box won't search  for a wifi connection whilst there's an eternet cable attached to it. 

Even though you say the signal strength is only 13mps it might be able to connect and function.

Looking at < this post> of yours, you have more than one BT Wi-Fi extender  so placing one off them in the room with the second box should increase the signal strength.

Do you have a Volt package?  Or are you on a Gig1 connection?  If so you should be able to take advantage of VM's WiFi Max guarantee. See <here> 

"With WiFi Max, we want to make sure you’ll enjoy download speeds of at least 30Mbps in every room – if you don’t, we’ll send you one of our signal-boosting mesh WiFi Pods. If that doesn’t do the job, we’ll send you up to a total of 3."



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Alessandro Volta

You cannot run these boxes without a connection to the hub as the boxes regularly "phone home" using the network to say that they are still active, and if those calls aren't made the box will be automatically deactivated.

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Hi @Owdmon thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

It is strange the box in question seems determined to try and connect via ethernet, even though they can definitely connect via WiFi too.

Have you got things resolved since your post on Friday or is this still an issue for you?

Many thanks


Just after I posted this I decided to try moving one of my BT Mesh boxes into the bedroom where the problem box was. Using that I've managed to attach an ethernet cable and the box is now working okay. The first box I've managed to connect using Wi-Fi though initially I used an ethernet cable to download the software. So at the moment both are working fine. One of the issues seemed to be that until it had downloaded the software you couldn't go to the settings and search for a Wi-Fi signal. I notice that the instructions online tell you to make sure your box has an internet connection, but that wasn't mentioned at all with the instructions that came with the handsets.

Hey Owdmon, thank you for reaching out and letting us know this.

Please do reach out if you need anything in the near future. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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