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Why can't I watch recorded programs when broadband is down?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Horizon, the platform that drives V360 was designed (& is used in the rest of Europe apart from Ireland) as a cloud recording platform, therefore not requiring hard disks in the home. As the broadcasters/content owners in the UK/Ireland will not currently permit cloud recording, the Horizon server holds the location of your recordings as your local hard disk. The “master” recording list however resides on the server, so what you see on the box is just a copy.

When you play recordings, the server triggers the playback from your recording location (hard disk) to what ever piece of equipment (smartphone, tablet computer, TV STB) requests it. So if you request playback & there is no internet connection, there is no connection to the server or your hard disk even though your hard disk might reside in the same box you are requesting the playback from.

It’s called “progress”. Fun isn’t it!

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Super solver

One of the many ways the 360 is inferior to the V6\TiVo.

Some of the other missing features are as follows; Wishlists (where you can set the box to record programs on certain subjects or featuring certain people), undelete, series link+, series link manager, suggestions, setting of series links for programs not in the current TV guide, ethernet control, keyboard support via USB, switching between tuners with constant buffering, skip-back on fast-forward, quickplay, default recording options, cancelling individual recordings from a series link, multi-channel series links, radio channels allowing recording of radio, separation of recordings between boxes, watching recordings when internet is not available and probably a few others I've forgotten.

Alessandro Volta

As an experiment I switched off my hub and found that although some of my 360's recordings wouldn't play with a code CS9994 the majority of recordings did play. I couldn't see an obvious pattern of failure or success, e.g. one National Geographic HD recording failed but another succeeded.

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