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VM TV box. No video and audio signals when TV is in online mode

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Starting this morning (July 23), my TV hasn't been working properly. Yesterday it worked.

I can see the channels on my TV (see the below screenshot), and I can switch channels. However, there are no video or audio output signals - just a black screen.


All other TV features work as expected, e.g., Netflix, Youtube, etc. I can even watch the ongoing TV shows from the beginning, but when I return to the Live mode - black screen.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help to resolve this issue.



Thanks for the advice. 
I tried to turn everything off and reboot several times - the problem still exists.

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Sad to hear you are having the same issue. I live in Woolwich Arsenal.

Should I call VM or it's possible to book a tech visit here (via forum)?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Acus_1984 wrote:


Should I call VM or it's possible to book a tech visit here (via forum)?

The answer depends how quickly you want this resolved. Forum staff should respond in a day or so, otherwise if you call in then you should be able to book the tech immediately.

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UPD: it started working again this morning (July 25). Nothing has changed compared to last night when it was still not working.

I will continue to monitor this for a couple more days, and if everything goes well, I think we can close the topic.

Hi, I did have a tech booked but was cancelled due to this being a network issue. Live TV came back yesterday evening but unsure if this was a sticking plaster fix or not, I have had this issue (to a lesser extent) for the past year, time will tell I guess


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, Acus_1984.
Thanks for the posts and replies on our help forums and this thread, sorry to see you've been having trouble with your TV services recently - we'd love to best advise on this.

From what we can tell upon our latest checks in your local network there seems to be an outage affecting the TV in the area and some customers may experience issues with on-demand services etc.
This should be resolved for all customers up to 12:00pm on 31st July, glad to hear it's already improved for you now and please see if you can reboot the TV box to get all the latest updates and see if everything works ok.

Let us know how things go from here and if you need more assistance, cheers.

Forum Team

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