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V6 to 360 - is it generally worth upgrading?

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What’s the general opinion on 360? I’ve basically ignored it so far but got an email through offering a free upgrade so tempted to give it a whirl.

I’ve read about the factory wipe to install the new OS, which I can live with, but are their any downsides that I need to consider?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @kevin111 

The 360 doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Tivo/V6, however I never used most of them so don't miss them, and unlike a number of users on the forums I'm happy with the switch to 360.

There's lots of useful info on how the 360 works on

Since the hard drive is reformatted as part of the regrade to 360 then all recordings are lost. Also, it isn’t possible to transfer any data from the TiVo/V6 box to 360. This data will also be lost during the upgrade process for existing customers. So you will lose series links and all recordings.

A number of Tivo settings have been removed due to copyright purposes. Here's a list of some of the main differences between the boxes :-

There is no undelete feature. Once a recording is deleted you will not be able to retrieve this recording.

The 360 does not have a wish list however you can search for something using voice (e.g. ‘Movies with Matthew McConaughey’) and then manually save the result to your Watch list.

You can't set future recordings, ie those that aren't displayed in the 14-day EPG such as the next series of Doctor Who.

You can select which series you want to start recording from in your series links, the box will record everything from that point onwards. The recording of repeats when a previously recorded program has been watched and deleted no longer occurs. The 360 will record content in the definition of the channel you setup the series link on. If you want HD, ensure you check the channel details when setting up the series link and don't select the SD version

The 360 doesn't have the ability to swap between tuners by pressing info and scroll down - so you have no direct control over what each tuner is doing save for setting recordings.

The radio channels no longer have channel numbers like on the Tivo/V6 and can't be recorded. On the 360 there's a radio shortcut in the top right hand corner of the EPG which links to 38 radio stations.  There's also a link to your most played radio stations at the bottom of the Home screen.  There is also the Radioline app which gives access to many more radio stations. Alternatively, you can use voice search and say ‘radio’, or 'radio1' 'radio 4' e

Each 360 remote pairs 1 to 1 with the box, it does not use infra-red (IR). This means you can only use one remote with a box and not multiple remotes, although you can buy an All In One or Harmony remote. A number of smart TV remotes can also be paired with the 360.

The 360 has a "Startover" feature on selected channels, which behaves like the iPlayer "watch from beginning" and is effectively a cloud-based recording.

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Don't do it awful software and UI if I'm honest.  you accidentally delete a show it's gone forever.  the voice control is useless mine only seems to want to search YouTube.  

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Very Insightful Person

First off, forget the "upgrade" marketing term - it's a complete change of software, in much the same way as it would be "upgrading" from Apple to Android. It's a conversion

As a headline view, the TV360 does have voice control, a couple of different apps and better integration with the TV Go app. But it does lack many of the extra recording options that V6 has.

As mentioned - opinions vary, but treat a conversion to TV360 as just that - a conversion. Whether it is an upgrade or not, depends on your circumstances and usage. There are various older threads which will be picked up via the forum's search function.

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