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V6 boxes noisy after upgrade to 360

Dialled in

I received my 2 remote controls in a box and had a quick look at them & I was immediately a bit dubious about the upgrade. Either the remotes had been bashing into each other during transport or they were second hand as there were scratches all over them.

I ended up going ahead anyway and the moment I upgraded to 360... I regretted it!

Immediately after the reboot, there was a whining noise coming from the box in the lounge. It did eventually calm down later, but I watched a movie (With loud surround sound) and I could hear it come back in the background!

The same thing is occurring with the V6 box in the bedroom, although not quite as bad.

It seems to me that the fans are set to run at a higher speed... one that makes a noise when the temperature rises even a little bit (They're still not hot to the touch). This was never a problem before & ventilation is fine.

Is this something that can be configured remotely, or will I need to request some newer boxes (Mine must be at least 5 years old).

Is there any way to turn the box off faster in the bedroom too, the old version used to stop the hard drive after a couple of minutes of going into standby, but the 360 continued on for longer.

As a side note... the requesting of a pin before the watershed is a very annoying "feature", especially considering that there are no kids in my house! I realise that this is not VM's fault (I will write to Ofgem!), but anyone else considering this upgrade should note that they will constantly be putting their pin in.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mcgaz,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, sorry to hear you are finding the box in your Bedroom noisier since the upgrade to 360, apologies, there isn't a way to shut the box down quicker other than turning the switch off at the back.



Hi Paul,

The box seems to take about 5 minutes, which is just about ok. I'm not sure why it doesn't just shut down after a minute or two, though!

The bigger problem is how noisy the box in the lounge is. The sound change was instant after the reboot and I can hear it in the background, especially during quiet moments on the TV.

I presume this isn't the standard case and that newer versions of the V6 box don't have the problem? What would I need to do to get a replacement box?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Mcgaz 

Have you tried a factory reset on the boxes to see if this will cure the nosie problem?

To factory reset go to Settings (the cog at the end of the Home menu) > System > Factory Reset. It's actually misnamed and only a partial system reset and not a complete factory reset. You are given 2 options

Keep Recordings
Format Disk

Choose Keep Recordings, that means you won't lose your recordings and any planned recordings or series links you've set up. You will have to sign into your apps such as iPlayer, Prime, Netflix and ITVX again. Also Match frame rate and Standby power consumption will go back to their default settings if you have changed them.

If you don't have any recordings on one of the boxes then try the format disk option on that box.

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Hi @Mcgaz

Thank you for your post and I am sorry you are having issues with your 360 boxes, have you followed @newapollo's advice? Let us know how you got on and if you are still having issues with this.


Hi Zoie,

Thanks for the reply. I did try a factory reset on the box, but unfortunately, it didn't help.

I recorded it on my phone and have uploaded it to YouTube so that you can see what is happening on the box as soon as the software kicks in.

Does this happen on all boxes?

Hi @Mcgaz 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

Can you try the box lying flat for me rather than vertically? 

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi John,

I've tried it for a while flat, but it does the same thing. The other box upstairs has the same noise, but not quite as bad and that has always been flat.

I checked the options and the hardware version is ARRIS-DCX960-MPA+ if that helps anything.



Hi Gary, 

I will pop you a PM to help you further with this.

Speak soon 😊

Forum Team

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for confirming the requested details via PM @Mcgaz 
I've booked a technician for you to come out and have a look into the issue. You can find confirmation of the visit via your 👉 online account.

Please let me know if there are any problems with the date or time and I can look to reschedule this for you. In regards to the appointment there are some details you need to know about. There will be no charge for this visit unless:

•The technician diagnoses the faults as not being caused by our network/equipment 
•The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to your equipment
•The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to any system that we are not responsible for

The technician will confirm during their visit if any of these instances apply, and if so, a £25 charge will be applied to your account.

Please ensure there is someone over the age of 18 present at the time of the visit. If you need to change or cancel your appointment you can also do this online or via the MyVM app by 4pm the day before the appointment.

If you do miss an agreed appointment for any reason, a £25 missed appointment charge will be applied to your account on the day of the appointment.

Let us know how the visit goes! 😃


Forum Team

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