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V360 sync issues

Joining in


ever since upgrading to V360 (as recommended) I have experienced daily sync issues. Speech and video continually drift apart until the sounds stops completely for approx 30 seconds, then restarts as broken speech for a few seconds before recovering, in sync, until the whole process repeats again and again. 

I have tried all the settings changes and re booted both my tv boxes which both have the same issue. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Tony7762 wrote:

I have tried all the settings changes

What are the settings changes you've tried?

Is this problem evident on different video sources - say, live TV, OnDemand, recorded?

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the ‘audio delay’ and ‘match frame rate’ settings multiple times times and in various configs. Yes, the problem occurs for all different video sources. 

Is the 360 connected directly to the TV or are you using a soundbar or any other A/V equipment.

If the 360 is connected directly to the TV make sure it's not connected to the HDMI-ARC connector.

Have you tried changing the Audio output settings on the 360, follow content is best but you could try the PCM settings.


Hi there Tony7762,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Apologies for the sound issues, to clarify is it just the one box you have?

Also has what @roy247 advised helped at all?

Let us know,



no 2 boxes and both with the same issue on different tvs in separate rooms. 

Also, maybe worth mentioning I had no issues prior to ‘upgrading’ to V360 and have made no change to the house set up other than just the upgrade. 

Hi Tony,

Thanks for reaching back out, please can you confirm what roy247 has asked in regards mto any sound bars or surround sound?