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Upgrading to this

Hi all how do I go about upgrading to this 360 thing, will I need a new box ( currently on a v6 box) and is it worth the upgrade 

I'm on the fun bundle I think


Thanks Richard 

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Re: Upgrading to this

Hi Richard,

I'm splitting this answer into 2 parts... the TV package and the 360 box.

TV Package

The fun bundle is obsolete so if you upgrade to a 360 you will also have to regrade to a new TV package.

The following page will alllow to do a comparison between the TV packages. 


The fun bundle is in column 3. You will either have to switch to the Mixit or Maxit TV package (columns 5 and 6)

You will probably need to add Personal Picks to gain missing channels if you decide to go for the Mixit pack. Whichever package you take you will loose the additional kids channels.

The kids Personal Pick is £5 a month.  With the other Personal Picks, the first one you add is an extra £7 a month, any additional ones are £5 a month. You can cancel the Personal Pick at any time by giving 30 days notice. It won't affect your contract or any discounts you have.

There is a selection of Personal Picks <<< Here >>> 


360 box.

If you switch to a 360 box you can't switch back to a V6 if you don't like it.

You will receive a new voice activated remote to use with the 360 and the V6 will download a software update to change it from the TIVO software to the Horizon software that the 360 runs on.

The following thread shows some of the differences between the boxes.


And the following link is FAQ's for the 360 box. 


I don't work for Virgin Media.

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