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Upgrading to Hub 5 and TV 360 Box

Hi, I am upgrading from an older model hub and a legacy Tivo Box to a Hub 5 and TV 360 Box. The new kit should be delivered to me on 1st Feb. I have a Virgin landline phone with my existing setup. Rather than wait fror the instructions that will arrive with the new kit I have been browsing online to get a general idea in advance of what to do re installation. I gather when landline phone is connected it will have a different number and will take up to 10 days to transfer existing number. Will my existing number be transferred automatically or do I have ask Virgin to transfer it - if so, what is the procedure please? Any advice on this will be much appreciated.


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Re: Upgrading to Hub 5 and TV 360 Box

Hi @IanL3 

It may be that VM switch your telephone from the wall socket so that it connects via the hub instead,  but as an existing customer that's upgrading your package then your telephone number won't change..


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