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Upgrading to 360 from existing V6 & TiVo® setup

If you currently have a Virgin TV V6 box and a TiVo® box and you've asked to upgrade to 360, you will receive two shiny new remotes, but only one new box. 

This isn’t a mistake, but it's because your existing V6 box will be magically converted to Virgin TV 360 using just the new remote.

The extra box is the Virgin TV 360 Mini box that will replace your TiVo box; which you can remove and dispose of responsibly.

What to do:

  1. Watch any recorded shows before you upgrade (we can’t transfer them, and you deserve a duvet day). Just bear in mind your service will automatically update 5 days after this package arrived
  2. Please read these instructions first – please keep the remotes and the Mini box in the packaging for now
  3. Start your upgrade by turning on your V6 and selecting “Upgrade to Virgin TV 360 now” from the Home screen, or by launching the Virgin TV 360 app in the Apps and Games folder
  4. Follow the steps on screen with your existing V6 remote until you’re asked to swap.
  5. Need a verification code? Enter: 847446
  6. Once the V6 has been upgraded to Virgin TV 360, you can now swap your TiVo box for your shiny new 360 Mini box.  Just follow the instructions in the Quickstart guide

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