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Upgrading from a Tivo Box to a Virgin TV 360

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if it was possible to upgrade from a TIVO to a virgin tv 360 or a V6 Box and how much it would cost if anything


Thank you for your time


Alessandro Volta

A lot depends on whether you are already a broadband customer (a mandatory requirement for all post-TiVo boxes) or whether you are at or coming to the end of your contract. Note that upgrading to a new box will most likely require you to sign up for an 18-month contract.

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Firstly, decide which one you want to go for.. they run the same newer hardware, but very different software platforms. A V6 runs the same software as the TiVo you're used to, whereas a V360 is a completely different software platform with pros & cons. You also need to have VM broadband for the internet connection, where your current TiVo runs without VM broadband using an inbuilt 'net connection.

VM will actively encourage a conversion to TV360 given half a "bite" from yourself, and while it normally comes with a ~£25 charge, this is sometimes waived if you're recontracting onto a new bundle or am already on one of the existing "Ultimate" packages.

The most reliable way of getting an upgrade from TiVo > V6 is as part of a package renegotiation, and wouldn't usually be charged in this scenario - but every case will be different.

As per my first-paragraph - they run the same hardware but are very different software. If you choose to convert and don't like it, you can't go back - so be sure if you ask to convert, that you want to and are aware of the differences.

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Forum Team

Hi @JacobMaddox,

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