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Upgraded over the weekend to the Bigger bundle. Was wondering if there would be a change of equipment as we're still on the stuff that came with the Big Kahuna package from years ago.


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Re: Upgraded

Hi @stoob 

Some agents do perform a kit swap but normally unless you specifically ask for new equipment as part of your negotiations then you won't be switched from the Tivo/V6 platform.

You would need to check your new contract when it comes through to confirm if there are any equipment changes.

If yuo are wanting to switch to a 360 and it isn't part of teh new negotiation then you do have 14 days to change yuor mind, cancel and re-negotiate a deal that includes the 360 boxes.

Some points to note - 360 is a completely different platform and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the TIvo/V6 boxes -  if yuo don't like it you can't switch back

See <<< here >>>  for a general discussion/comparison.

If you currently have V6 boxes they will be swapped out by a firmware update, yuo will lose all your recordings and series links, a plus point is that you will keep hard drive storage on any V6 boxes yuo have.

If you currently have a mixture of V6 and  the older Tivo boxes then it's a good idea to swap the Tivo to a V6 first before switching to the 360 system.  (The older Tivo's are swapped out for 360 mini boxes which don't contain hard drives)


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