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Upgraded to 2 v6

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I have 1 v6 box and the co-ax cables are hidden inside the skirting boards exiting behind the tv.I have just upgraded and will be getting a 2nd mini v6 box to go into the conservatory which is next to the room the current co ax cables are it possible for vm to split from the co ax that the other box is using or will they have to have another cable connected outside and run through or over the house? Thank you.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Both are possibilities, depending on signal strength


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@jdf75 wrote:

I have just upgraded and will be getting a 2nd mini v6 box

There's no such thing as a mini-V6 box, so let's clarify what you've done..

If you have V6 and have requested additional box, it's a second V6 exactly the same as your current box with its own hard drive

If you have TV360, then the additional box will be a mini without a hard drive.

The connectivity requirements are identical for both, but it may help just to be clear which you have.

V6 runs TiVo-software, TV360 runs Horizon software, there's pictures of both boxes here if you want to check.

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Thank you for your reply it’s the v6 which was upgraded via software update to the 360 tv with the new 360 remote. It does have a hard drive

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Please see here - - should help with the Mini box question

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