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Upgrade from V6

Hi Forum, 

I upgraded to the ultimate oomph bundle that includes multi-room (2 boxes) and both boxes to be 360 boxes. 
I asked on the phone when upgrading of the second box would need a coax point as there wasn’t one in the bedroom, the advisor told me I would and proceeded to book an engineer visit for me, I’ve just read on the VM Covid 19 update that engineers aren’t currently installing multi room or additional points, this is literally the only reason I needed an engineer visit! Does anybody know if they will refuse my request for the second point to be installed when they turn up as the appointment is scheduled to go ahead tomorrow!

thanks all!

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Re: Upgrade from V6

If they are sending an engineer it won't be just to deliver a box, if you only receive a box it will be by courier, you don't already have a second Virgin connection point but if it's not where you want the box to be that may have caused some misunderstanding. 

If you log into your Virgin account you should be able to check if a visit is scheduled. 


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