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Unpair 360 remote from TV

Tuning in

Hello, please can someone help?

My Tivo box was upgraded to a 360 last week and now I have problems with my tv coming on at odd times, having been turned off.  No trouble when it was a Tivo box.  The TV is a Samsung series 6. I have followed advice to disconnect the HDMI CEC on the TV, but it does not seem to work. Last night I had to unplug the tv so it would not come on in the middle of the night.

How do I unpair the 360 remote so that it is not linked to the tv? I have looked in settings on the 360 box and cannot see an option to unpair tv, only to add a sound bar etc.


Thanks in advance




Thanks in advance




Community elder

There isn't an unpair option you could try factory resetting the remote but it might just pair up again automatically, I put a new TV on my mini box last week and the remote paired without me doing anything.

Press and hold the TV and Rewind button for 10 seconds which will factory reset the 360 remote.



There is an issue with some Samsung TVs.   Change your system settings to off for the One Power option .  Works for me.

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Forum Team

Hi @holdensredhat 

Welcome back to the community 

Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your TV coming on at odd times and the 360 remote. 

Has the steps and advice provided by the community members here help resolve this issue for you? 

If you believe the issue to be resolved you can mark the thread as resolved by clicking the helpful answer given and this will show anyone else having issue that an answer was given and direct them to the post, alternatively you can just like or 'kudos' the post if it helped you. 

Please let us know if you are having any further issues or have any questions at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
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Hello, I have unplugged the tv each night so am unaware if any of the changes have made a impact so far. I will report back in due course. Thanks to those who made suggestions.