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Unable to Unpair Remote from Amplifier

Tuning in

I had my Virgin Media services installed on Monday 6th August.

My remote was paired with my TV and I wanted to also pair it with my amplifier. What I should have known, is that there is no way to switch between controlling the volume TV and amplifier. Since I don't always have my amplifier on (I only use it for music and movies), it would be nice to unpair it from the amp.

However, there doesn't appear to be any way to unpair the remote from my amplifier. I have even tried resetting the 360 STB, and everything has reset apart from the remote pairing settings. Now my box is back to factory default, but the remote still shows as being paired to the amplifier.

An engineer was out today and even they can't figure out how to unpair it either. I think it's reasonable to assume that at some point in the life of one of your customers, an amp might break and may not be replaced so there really needs to be some way to unpair the amp from the remote. I wasn't  exactly thrilled with the prospect of factory resetting the STB and losing all of the settings and scheduled recordings I had set up, but I assumed it was necessary, so I did so. The factory reset should have unpaired the remote from the TV and amplifier (after all, they weren't paired when the box was installed), but it doesn't. So the factory reset is NOT actually a factory reset.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Since a factory reset doesn't even fix this, it's clear that this is a bug in the STB software and needs to be addressed. As far as I can tell, the only way to fix this is to install a new box (since there doesn't seem to be any way to reflash the box) which means I am going to have to go through all of the setup a third time. Experiencing such an issue on the first day of my being a Virgin Media customer doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. Virgin Media, please could you update your 360 box to support this most basic and essential feature?


Accepted Solutions

I have a 360 main and mini box, you should have the Volume keys control like this,









and can change it from this,









to this,









and control either the TV or soundbar volume.



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey TheFuzzyOne, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear this. 

I know you've had a tech visit but have you looked at the manufacturer of the speaker to see if there is any guides on this?

We do updates the 360 boxes  quite regularly, what brand is the speaker I will look into this for you. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi, Matthew. Thanks for your response.

This issue does not have anything to do with the amplifier as such so the amplifier make/model is irrelevant as it has no knowledge of the 360 STB. The remote was paired via the 360 box and, as I mentioned earlier, and the STB has no option to unpair the amplifier from the remote and even a factory reset does not restore the 360 STB to defaults (which has to be a bug/oversight). I have literally done nothing with my amplifier besides turn it on and off. This is not an issue with the amplifier. This is an issue with the 360 STB.

Thanks for reaching out and letting me know this.

If the tech has been around and already tried doing this we wouldn't be able to much more sorry.

However it could be worth having a chat with our 3rd partner the Gadget rescue team.

You can find out more here. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


You shouldn't need to unpair your amp if you want to control the TV volume, go to Settings, Audio & Video and use the Volume keys control to switch between the TV and amp..


I was so hoping this was going to work. After all, it would make sense. But sadly, this did not work. It's possible I might be misunderstanding you. Is this documented anywhere?

Many thanks for your help.

The tech said the box would need to be factory reset, but I told her she didn't need to do that and I would do it myself as I needed to write down my scheduled recordings to reprogram them in after the reset. What I need, is a fix or a new TV360 STB. Do you not have a test STB to try this on? I can give you all the steps to reproduce and then you will hopefully see that the box is the issue.

£60 for me to get them to fix a problem with your box?! Thanks, but no thanks...

It work's for me on both the main box and mini box setup's, if the soundbar is off I can select the TV with the Volume Key's control and adjust the TV's volume.


Is it the V6 or the V360 you have? I've tried using the volume buttons in just about every part of the Audio & Video settings, but to no avail. Does it give you any kind of feedback when you do it? If so, would you mind linking to a photo if it's not too inconvenient?

Thanks again.