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Ultra HD channel not 4K

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just upgraded to 360. Both BT Ultimate and the Ultra HD channel are not showing programs in 4K, only HD (I know this because when I press INFO it says HD)

The only way I can get 4K is from On Demand (like the Pearl Jam concert film). I play this and it says 4K when I press INFO and scroll down.

4K also work on BBC IPlayer.

Is there something wrong with the BT Sport and Ultra HD channels on 360?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Spenner,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry for any issue you're having with your BT channels. 

Can you confirm if this is still the case? 


yes, still happening. I’m watching BT Sport Ultimate now and it says HD, not 4K



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Spenner72 

The screenshot you have posted is for the Big Match Revisited (15th December 1979) which is a catch up program screened by ITV4. ITV and it's subidary channels don't broadcast UHD.  The Audio & Quality shown in yur picture relate to the highlighted Big Match Revisited program and not the actual content on being shown on channel 531 (which is currently Arsenal v Spurs and it is in UHD)

BT Sport broadcast scheduled live programs in UHD on channel 531, although most of the time it's a carousel of BT adverts.

Unless you record the program from that channel then any other BT content, be it via catch up or live from any other BT Sport channel will be in HD.

You can find a list of upcoming programs on the BT Sport channels on the following page 

As you can see from that listings page the UHD programs are listed as being shown on the Ultimate channel. The next two programs being Saracens v Leicester Tigers at 2:30pm and Boreham Wood v Maidstone United at 5pm today


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I’m sorry but youre wrong there.

The programme I’m watching is the Arsenal Tottenham game on channel 531.

the audio and quality shown is for BT Sport Ultimate.


But if I watch the Pearl Jam concert on UHD catchup it says 4K….


Hi @Spenner72

There are unfortunately some programs and channels which are not 4k or UHD available. Hopefully they'll be available soon.  

Here to help 🙂
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Surely the Ultra HD channel should be 4K, none of the programmes are showing up as 4K?

And BT Sport Ultimate for the football should be 4K??

Thanks for the response there,

Any shows that will be 4K should advise so before clicking to watch.



On our wavelength

Sorry, what does that mean? 
do you mean every time I watch a show on the Ultra HD channel it will advise me before clicking to watch?

how does it advise me??