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UHD not supported

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Getting this UHD not supported error message when trying to view Sky Cinema UHD on demand content.

- I have an LG OLED CX

- The TV is working fine, and I can view 4K content from Netflix, the PS5, and the PC just fine

- The HDMI cable is the original that was installed with the box, it is a 4K supporting cable

- The Settings > Video > Resolution only shows up to 1080, there is no option for 4k

- Both the TV and the 360 box are up to date with software updates

- I have tried turning it off for an extended period of time

- I have tried factory resetting the 360 box


Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @donmildreone 

There isn't an Settings > Video > Resolution  option on the 360

To change resolution on the 360 yuo go to Settings > Audio & Video > HDMI resolution.

You are then presented with the Automatic, 4K, 1080p,  11080i, 720p and 576p options.


Do you actually have the Sky Entertainment & Cinema Ultra  HD as part of your package? If not then you won't be able to access the Sky Movies in UHD 


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Hi Dave,


Yes, that is the setting I was referring to. And as stated, I do not have the 4K option in the list.


And yes I have sky cinema uhd as a part of my package.

Hi donmildreone,

Is the 360 connected directly to the TV or does it connect through a soundbar or something else, I have an LGC1 and it shows Auto, 4K and 1080 downwards, I think Dave has a CX,  if it's connected directly to the TV and doesn't show 4K  I would try a different hdmi cable and connector on the TV, try not to use the HDMI-ARC connector directly with the 360.

When you said,

The TV is working fine, and I can view 4K content from Netflix, the PS5, and the PC just fine "

Was that through the TV or the 360.


Joining in

Hi mate you ever get this sorted I've got the exact same issue? 

Hi @Antw1nn

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing the same issue as the creator of this post. Have you been able to try the advice provided in previous posts to see if this corrects the problem?

Can you please also answer the questions they have asked, so we can get some more information to assist


Reece - Forum Team

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