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UHD in the Ultimate Volt Bundle

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Hi all,

So I've just had the experience of renegotiating my contract because of the price rise and theres a couple of question I'd like to ask about the Ultimate Volt Bundle.

1. Virgin have took off Sky Entertainment & Cinema Ultra HD my package and added the Sky Sports and Cinema Collection but are they the same thing meaning UHD ??

2. For once it was a relatively easy operation and was surprised as the price had come down as well but because they change these packages I'm not 100% sure I am getting everything I should . package.png


Fibre optic

Not any more you have to pay separately they removed it just before Xmas for new customers and customer who had is recently and you repackaged that would have been removed 



Thanks for the reply but since I started this conversation Virgin sent me another email and as you can see from the piccy above I do have Sky Sports & Cinema Ultra HD so I'm one happy bunny especially with the monthly price. Happy days

I think from now on they will include them both in the Ultimate Volt bundle as a Sky Ultra HD package. Can I ask what's the price you are paying for the whole package, except the MUTV? 

Screenshot 2023-03-16 100411.png

And that price is guaranteed for 18 months and I'm fine with that and to be honest that price is cheaper than what I was paying anyway.

Thanks for the answer. It is a bit too much, taking into account that I'm paying £67. The only thing you have and I don't is the MUTV but as long as you're happy good for you. 


All due respect I think you got something wrong there because you can't have everything including 1gb broadband for the price your mentioning even new customers don't get that as the Ultimate Volt package is £85 for new customers. Please don't try to wind people up by saying things like that because its not a very good look on you.

I think you should apologise for what you're saying. Ultimate Volt bundle including O2 sim is £85. The screenshot you have shown is £101 without O2, only Virgin. So, let me explain it to you. Virgin package without any O2 sim was £60 and £25 O2 sim. I pay now £67 because I have added SKY sports UHD. And recently I have just halfed my O2 sim from £25 to £12 with 100GB. In case you didn't know, even if you're an existing customer you can still get the new customer price. Other people in here can confirm this. So, in the future try to negotiate better and you could get a better deal that makes you happy. Good luck for the next time. Thank you.