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Hi all I have had my 360 box a few weeks now and have noticed the tv guide doesn’t show if the title is a film.  It used to me Film: title now it’s just the name so it’s hard to find movies just at a first glance is there anything can be done with this? I’ve shown men in black as an example I find this not so user friendly as I love movies. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Kennyh2605,

Thank you for your post. Welcome back to the Community Forums!

Hmm, I'll be honest here I can't remember the formatting being that way - especially over the last few years. Are you able to recall when films were last listed in that way on the TV guide? Was this the same across all channels or just specific channels?

You do have the option to filter the Movie Channels on the TV guide. Otherwise, all we can do is pass on your feedback to the TV Team as a suggestion for this being implemented. 

Let us know. 😊