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Tivo to 360 series transfer


I have just installed a new 360 box as an upgrade from Tivo. I assumed that the series link transfer would follow the same process as tivo to V6. On the manage my tivo site, the existing tivo box is no longer listed. I checked before the install and it was there. The Tivo to V6 instructions says the old box remains visible for 14 days after switching. Hs anyone got and answer to what is going on here.


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Re: Tivo to 360 series transfer

You cannot transfer series links between the two platforms, you will have to set them up again

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Re: Tivo to 360 series transfer

In fact - for several months now you've not even been able to transfer series links between V6 boxes.

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Re: Tivo to 360 series transfer

You lose everything in the switch over.  That's because the new TV360 is very limited.  The series linking doesn't have any options like the V6, in fact it shouldn't be called series link, because it records more than just the current series, whatever it feels like recording really.

If you have a list of episodes you previously recorded on the V6 such that you could find them on the new box and record them to watch later, you'll be disappointed to hear that you can only series link or select the programme to add to watch list.  You can select to record future individual episodes, but not record previously played episodes.