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Tinny low quality sound

On our wavelength

I dont know what it is but some recordings and live channels sound like they have the microphone inside a tin bucket, very poor quality some channels are fine but some are really bad and its only a recent thing, it seems to come and go on different channels and different recordings, I have rebooted the box a couple of times and its still got pretty poor quality audio, Father brown on alibi seems to be a bad one, Alibi in general is not great, some of the true crime channels, one or two of the movie channels seem to do it (not sky ones)



Are you using a soundbar or just the TV's speakers, have you tried the different 360 Audio settings, follow content is the recommended one and required if you have Dolby Atmos capability, not many of the channels carry 5.1 audio so a change to one of the PCM settings on the 360 might help.


On our wavelength

No just out of the TV speakers no soundbar, one channel can be fine or we watch one recording and its great but then you switch a channel or go to another recording and it sounds like they are in a bucket or very flat and tinny or has a bad echo.

Its very weird but I do need to take some notes of what channels and what programs in the recordings have this problem.

Hi @EnderXi,

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I'm so sorry to hear you're facing some issues with the audio on some channels on your TV box. Have you ensured that all of the cables to and from the box and TV are tight and secure?


Zach - Forum Team
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On our wavelength

I have checked all the connections, if it was a connection issue I would not expect the audio problem to be on a subset of channels, it should really be all of them I would have thought but I did reseat all the cables and no change.