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Tailored adds are now on by default.

Just got this big full page message up on my screen when took box out of standby , I presume this means ads on virgin pages and the EPG ,no way could they interfere with broadcast television. Is that correct and why has this setting been activated .? 🎱💰💰💰

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Re: Tailored adds are now on by default.

Hi kirk1690,

I too saw the full screen message regarding tailored ads after rebooting when I noticed my box was on channel 100.

The ads were already on the box before the update, and the option was already there previously under Settings > System > Tailored Ads.

I already had the choice between tailored or general ads before the update. I'm not certain but I think the only difference is in the wording as I had previously opted for tailored ads. The wording just makes it clear that VM collect information about your viewing habits unless you turn it off?


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Re: Tailored adds are now on by default.

Hi @kirk1960


Thanks for posting n our community forum!


Have you been able to sort this?



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Re: Tailored adds are now on by default.

I believe "Tailored Ads" are actually adverts while watching live tv or OnDemand are tailored to you using Sky Adwords technology, its rather clever.

While watching Sky sports news I have seen adverts from my local council in the past

Virgin Media and Sky unveil UK launch date for AdSmart partnership | Virgin Media

But I could be wrong