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TV360 any good?

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Is the TV 360 any good, have heard some bad feedback 



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How does TV 360 compare with V6, is it worth having, are there any issues

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Hi @kong1960 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am really happy with the 360 but many other users don't like it because it different to the Tivo/360 boxes they were used to as it's lacking some of the copywritten features from the older system -  you generally only see complaints, or what people consider to be failings on forums as people seldom use these for praise (the same as Sky forums etc)

The 360-Features-v-TIVO-Features/  thread shows some of the differences

There's a video on youtube showing it's features, although the video's a little out of date as it's 2 years old now. 


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Duplicate threads merged.

TV360 & TiVo/V6 are fundamentally different platforms, I presume you're an existing V6 customer looking at converting.

The TV360 interface is much newer and has voice control, but many of the finer tweaks & series-link functions of the V6 are not fully replicated.

Opinions vary wildly on these fora - many are happy with TV360, but many are choosing not to convert at this time. Are there any specific features of your V6 that you wouldn't want to lose?

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We switched from the V6 to TV360 a few months ago.  Part of re-contracting and the update was 'free. I asked pretty much the same question on here before doing so. See here 

I quite like the TV360 interface.  There have been/are a few niggles, mainly around how series recordings are handled.

You can go into the advanced options when setting up a recording to choose things like 'new' and from certain episodes but it's a bit cumbersome.  I've lost count of how many times that having watched and deleted an episode, the box records it again from a later broadcast!

There's a lot about 'profiles' - so each member of the family can set up their own favourite channels and so on, but we've hardly used that as a couple who mainly watch stuff together, other than me watching a few sports programmes alone.  It might become more useful as our granddaughter gets older and controls the TV herself as we have age related stuff set up already.

The interface is similar to the way our modern smart TV interface looks and feels with lots of content being 'pushed' on the screen, though some of it may not be subscribed.

I think I preferred the old remote which had more buttons.  I should make more use of the voice function.

Overall I'd suggest going for the upgrade.  I'm not sure if there's a 'downgrade' option and how good that journey is.

Any recordings, series links and settings are lost - we made a note of any we wanted to reinstate and alternative sources of them before going ahead.


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There are quite a few features missing from the 360 compared to the V6, a few of note:

No undelete of accidentally deleted recordings

No series link manager, so you can't see and modify your existing series links

Less control over series link settings and no option for series links across multiple channels

Series links cannot be set up for programs that aren't in the TV guide, so basically nothing further than about 2 weeks ahead (a real pain after switching when you will have to keep an eye out for any series you want to link and hope you don't miss them when they restart)

No series link+ (that bundles recordings and streaming together in one place)

Multiple boxes bundle all programs together so if you have an older child or similar with a box in their room then you see each others programs and if one of you watches and deletes a program then it's gone for the other person as well, who may not have seen it, and can't recover it because there's no undelete

No wishlists (that let you automatically record programs based on things like title, actor, director, subject etc. which I find really useful)

No skip-back when fast-forwarding

No radio channels (and therefore no recording of radio programs)

Generally more clicks to navigate the menus

No control over ethernet

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