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TV360 Manage Series Links

Tuning in

I have recently upgraded to TV360 but the planned recordings option is not as useful as under Tivo V6.  I used to be able to search for a program and set up a series link even though there were no current series coming up or running presently.  It would then start to record once the series came on TV again.

Is there any way of doing this with 360?  I have tried searching for 'Escape to the country' and set up planned recordings for new episodes but it doesn't show it on my planned recordings as I assume there isn't an active series....but does this mean it won't record when a new series starts?  Where can I see what I have set up please?

This seems such a backward step as I'm sure we will miss programs as we won't necessarily know a new series has started - whereas before we didn't have to worry. In some ways I wish I hadn't made the change 😞

Many thanks.



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Unfortunately you can only set series links if the programme is on the EPG, it may change with further software upgrades's but don't hold your breath.

Also you will find you don't have the series link management option like the V6.


Many thanks Roy.

Such a backward step. I wish I hadn’t bothered. I’m sure we will miss some programs now….grrrr. 

Also we have 2 360s and it isn’t clear which box it is set to record a program on even though you set which box when setting up the recording. You have to just remember as it shows the planned recording on both boxes. 

I wonder if it’s possible to go back to V6?!  


I don't have 2 360 boxes just a 360 and a mini so can't speak from first hand experience about viewing what's recorded on each box, but if you look at this link you will see some example videos, and the answer about going back to V6 is you can't, basically the 360 runs on Horizon software which is owned by Virgin ( Liberty Global) and the V6 by TiVo and and at some point that contract is going to end.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

When setting up a series link go to Advanced and select which box you want the recording to be made on. It will then be recorded on that box going forward, even if the default recording box is the other one. So all you need to do is reset your series links to record on the box you want them to. Unfortunately to reset the links, you'll need to delete and reset. You can also use the same method to record individual programs rather than series.

When going to Settings > System> Recording Settings you can select each box individually and the interface now lists the percentage used on each box (applies to upgraded V6 boxes as they all have hard drives)

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Very Insightful Person

@GPSVMC0710 wrote:

I wonder if it’s possible to go back to V6?!  

You've already been given most of the answers you need, but on this point... no. Fundamentally TV360 is not TiVo.

A choice to convert from TiVo/V6 > 360 is 1: Voluntary, and 2: Irreversible.

It's too late for you now, but the time to research the (many & substantial) differences between the two platforms is before asking to convert. There are plenty of previous threads on this forum, and something tells me there'll be a few more yet...

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Thanks for your response and 
clearly I should have done more research but I would suggest that any upgrade should be an improvement and not worse. 
Nothing can do now but this is poor. I’ll just have to adapt and recognise this retrograde step. 

Hi @GPSVMC0710,

Welcome to our Community Forums! Thank you for your first post and I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing some issues with your TV360 and setting up a Series Link. 

I can see that you've had a lot of support from our Community Members already! Have you been able to take a look at our TV360 Help page to see if this can help with your query?

I do apologise that you're not completely happy with your current TV box. If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know. We're here to assist.

Thank you.

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I agree it is a real pain having to delete a series link in order to amend it! I thought asking it to record only from a series was great, till I discovered if you watched it and deleted it and it was shown again it would rerecord the episode! You can say record new only, but a) you have to delete and rerecord b) not sogood if you are late to programme and want to start further back.

I am ready for an upgrade to my upgrade!