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TV360 Horizon Software

We have had the TV360 using the Horizon software now for 3 months. We have got used to it. We have been lucky and our upgrade went off OK compared to some on this forum.

There are a few things we miss from TIVO, which If anyone is listening from Virgin might take note.

In SAVED recording you have Search, Recording and  how you want to view your recordings. The default for this is Newest, it would be good if you could set it to your personal default. We prefer the A-Z option, we find this option easier for us to view are recordings.

The lack of manual recording. I used to use this feature when recording football. I would normally start recording about 3 minutes before kick-off.

Recording NEW only.

I much prefer the big chunky R/C from TiVO. I find the TV360 R/C hard to use and hold now that I am in my late 60’s.

I am sure there are a  few more so I hope the forum members will add to the list.