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TV360 Box lack of indication and indifferent status

Joining in

Is it me but the TV360 is so lacking in indications that even the single red light on the front seems to mean ...What ?? Sure the power is on but when you tell the box to power up not even the Red Light Blinks  and there is no other indication by any other indicator that the Box has even received the command to do somethings. Usually after telling it to power up the red light turns to a white light but when there is a issue and you only know there is a issue after you tell the box to power up and nothing happens or if you are lucky it becomes and half orange/half red light. The Telly connected  to the Box via HDMI shows no activity and infact indicates that the HDMI port is not present or active, So at this point you have no information to understand what state the TV360 is in. Powering the Box off/on just results in the red/orange light. The Broadband is working okay the Wi Fi is working ok  (not the TV360) and if I go online in my account and request a test of the overall service it invariably result when testing the equipment in the house in the ever circling figure8 and sticks there .......when surely it should report that the TV360 is not responding to the network. I tried this several times and eventually the TV360 showed a single Red Light, It did not even power up. 

I find this Box so frustrating in that even when I want to view something I have already recorded if the is a "network" issue you cannot access anything on the hard disk to view.

Unlike the old Tivo Box which did have several lights on the front the TV360 is seemingly devoid of any want to interact with its human operator.

Frankly I find the TV360 Unit Rubbish in so many aspects and that's being restrained !!!!!!

Do other have these frustrations with 360 or have I got a second box that was as bad as the first which died at a software update and took all my recordings to it's grave.

I look forward to some response or am I  alone in this frustration....................


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi earleyscripts.

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear how you feel about the 360 box. 

Please check out this link for information regarding the box and the lights on it:


Hi Martin .................thanks 

Went to the link you suggested says there when in standby a BLUE light is displayed .............must be a typo ? as mine is RED.

Information makes no reference to the other indicators I see occasionally coming on so the information is obviously incomplete or just lack in wanting to supply any real help.

There has to be a knowledgebase somewhere surely ?????

What really annoys me that if there is any problems you cannot view your already recorded programmes. I am sure the old TIVO box would let you do this...............



Thanks for coming back to us earleyscripts, I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,

Tuning in

The V360 box has a lot of faults, constantly loosing connection but Vm will not admit to this issue. Better to use other streaming devices for uninterrupted connection

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Hi, nope not just you, the 360 software and the new horizon interface are rubbish...nothing but problems with mine since i "upgraded". If they had said to me we are using a different software to V6 and its going to cause you alot of issues then my answer would have been HELL NO!.

Tuning in

Need a lot more people to complain about TV360 box, its always loosing connection. VM have got to admit it is useless bit of kit.