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TV switches off randomly

Joining in

Since I got Virgin, my 5 year old Samsung TV now switches off randomly whilst I’m watching. 

can be switched back on with the remote but obviously very annoying!

Any tips to fix this please?




Try turning 'One Power' off on the 360 and see if that stops it happening.

Known Samsung issue 

That's in Settings > Audio & Video.

Thank you. But when I tried that it was already off. 

Have you checked the TV's Auto Power Off setting, I would have thought if it was this the TV would give you a warning before it turn's off.

It could be under Setting's, General, Power and Energy Saving on your TV.


Thanks Roy. It’s not that either - I’d already checked that. 

Maybe search online for the make and model in case there is a known  TV issue 

Joining in

Spoke to Samsung. They remoted in to my tv and reset hdmi ports. All seems to be working now. Hope that’s useful if others have a similar problem. 

Hope that fixes your problem🤞, was the 360 box also switching off at the same time.