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TV Services not activated after suspension.

Up to speed

Due to a misunderstanding I had my services suspended due to a bounced payment.  I paid the minimum requested to get everything up and running again and after a couple of hours my internet service was back.

Unfortunately my TV services were never re-instated and currently I have no channels on any of the three boxes,

I have attempted an conversation on WhatsApp and by calling support and both say there are no issues with the boxes and that they have sent the signal to re-activate the boxes.  Despite supplying serials numbers and various reboot of the boxes they are still not activated.

I am being told I need an engineer but I don't believe this is the case.  All three boxes were working fine before the suspension, they were de-activated for 3-4 hours and since the internet connection was restored none of them work.

To clarify, they power on and I see all the menus but any interaction tells me there is an account problem.  When I try to access via my mobile it says there is an account problem.

I can't believe for one minute I need an engineer, the boxes are online with an IP address and the internet is fine.  Too much of a coincidence that all three boxes would be faulty and support say they can see the boxes.

When I first received my second box a couple of years ago I had a similar issue. It wasn't the activation that had to be sent it was something else that needed re-instating, unfortunately I don't know what that was.

Three different places tell me there is an account issue and I believe that this is the issue rather than something an engineer is required for.

Can anyone help?


Screenshot_20220817-131056_Virgin TV Go.jpg20220817_140105 (2).jpgIMG-20220817-WA0028.jpgIMG-20220817-WA0030.jpg

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Up to speed

Up to speed

I will admit if I'm wrong but I'm 100% sure it's something their end.  Three boxes with the same error suggesting there is a problem with my account and the Virgin to Go app saying my account has been suspended.  I have had no response from this forum but I have spoken to a third person today who pretty much ran through the same stuff as the other two.  The only difference was me resetting my Hub, not that it made any difference.

My account was suspended and something hasn't kicked in correctly since the y re-enabled it.

I've asked them if it was possible for them to remove my boxes from the system and re-add them back in.  The lady said it's a new thing they had access to but haven't had the training yet to know how to do it.  She has escalated by call for somebody else to do it.

I'll let you know how it goes, meanwhile no telly for 48 hours, no channels at all, even the free ones.

I would try speaking to retensions that's the "I am thinking of leaving option", they might not be able to fix your problem but should be able to connect you to someone who can. Usually UK based.


I've only just renewed my contract in the last month so retention's isn't an option for me.

If your services aren't working it might be an option.


It's just frustrating watching all the other posts being replied to by Virgin Media staff and no comment on this one.  I am completely in the dark as to whether Virgin Media are actually doing anything.  I was told an engineer would call a couple of days ago and that never happened.  Apparently something "may" happen today but there is no where to check progress.


Up to speed

So the latest update for the people who are following this post.


I had an advisor say that somebody will call me in 24 hours..... that didn't happen.

I then raised a complaint and received a reference number for that complaint.  I was told somebody would call me in 24 hours.  I just checked the status of the complaint and it has been closed.

So I'm speaking to complaints again, (via Whatsapp), to complain about the complaint!!!!  You couldn't make this up.  They have confirmed that nobody would be calling me but they won't be charging me the £25 for the call out fee for the engineer.  This is, by the way, the engineer I don't need and a £25 charge for Virgin Media's problem!!!

This is the final reply I get from the advisor.

"There will be an engineer to call you for the technician visit that will happen on 23/08. But for the complaints update no one will be getting you an update as the previous advisor have already closed it, and the resolution he have provided would be no charges for the technician visit."

So Virgin Media's solution for my complaint is to not charge me for an engineer that I don't need for an issue which was caused by them!!! 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Attempting to bump posts to get staff attention rarely works on this forum, the staff team work through posts in unread-date order so "bumping" often has the opposite effect.

And IMHO, the complaints process is not the best way to resolve a service issue that needs immediate attention.. it does work on a 28day basis and isn't intended as a way of resoling service fault.

You're clearly trying with CS channels and getting nowhere so I'll use some VIP-discretion and flag this post to the top of the staff queue. They can often resolve things where the telephone-channel has failed.. I can't promise, but let's at least try.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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I wasn't intending a post bumping exercise, as I said in my last post I'm updating the people who were replying \ following this post.

My complaint was also not intended to resolve my issue but to complain about how my issue is being handled in an attempt to improve their procedures.  However speaking to complaints through WhatsApp apparently takes you to the same call staff, (technical).  Instead of recording the complaint they simply ask me to perform the same procedures of rebooting all my boxes. 

I was told that my complaint had been detailed with all the information but the resolution to my complaint was not to charge me £25 for an engineer, despite their terms and conditions implying there shouldn't be a charge in the first place. It seems that complaints are not actually dealt with as complaints through that channel.

I have asked four agents now if they can escalate to 2nd line Support as I believe, (from reading these forums), that they may be able to help.  I believe removing my boxes from my account and adding them back in would be a more efficient than sending an engineer out and could possibly fix the issue.

"so I'll use some VIP-discretion and flag this post to the top of the staff queue"  -  I'm not sure what this means but thank you for your assistance.