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TV Guide Query

Is it possible to shortcut to the filters at the top of the TV guide (i.e. Day and Channel Category)?

I received my 360 box yesterday and so far, I've only been able to scroll to the top of EVERY channel to get to these filters.

A solution would be appreciated. Thanks,

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Re: TV Guide Query

Pressing the Home button on the remote should take you straight to the filters when viewing the EPG.

Also, when in the guide (say you're viewing channels 300+), you don't need to scroll all the way back to channel 100! Just press the number 1 on the remote and it takes you back to the channels beginning with 1!


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Re: TV Guide Query

Hi @inbox4 

Whilst anywhere in the EPG press the Home button again and then press Right.

It takes you to the top of the guide with Today highlighted.

If you press Right and click on All Channels it brings up a category list Documentaries, Entertainment, International, Kids etc so you can go straight to that section.


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