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TV 360 - why no drama category on catch up

Tuning in

Much appreciate the cleaner looking layout on the compared to old Tivo box but ...

I looked, and I looked, and I cant see a drama category in the Catch up menus. This cant be right, when so many tv companies are putting out new dramas and reshowing old.

When I select by specific channels some seem to have a drama section.

If there is a drama category can anyone tell where to find it, and if not can this be put right ASAP!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @hackneyuser 

Drama content is listed under Entertainment, the same as it was on the older Tivo and V6 boxes.

You will however find a Drama section under Box Sets & Movies > Categories.  The categories however are a mixed selection of box sets and movies.

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Okay will look again, as I did look there but could see it.

Seems a retrograde step as previously you had Entertainment ie quiz shows etc., and Drama as separate categories.

Both categories are so huge why would anyone lump them together when they are so different in content.

Maybe they just couldn't fit in that number of categories as they are horizontal across the screen whereas in the older layout if was a list where it was easier to list more options.

Another nonsensical design failure by VM or Humax.

Drama was never under entertainment. The Tivo catch up service list was extensive, eg News, Movies, Drama, Documentaries.

This is just clumsy and stupid.

Why would you look for a one off drama in Box sets. Just nonsense.

And I presume where they have allowed design to take precedent over functionality. ie because the display is horizontal you can only have about 5 options. With the tivo the display is vertical so obviously you can have a much more useful and user friendly presentation.

Added to which is that they have breached accessibility standards by having the lists as small images. To be properly accessible the lists should be text. Or they should have the option of displaying menus as text.

The whole thing looks as though they have allowed some primary school children to do the display thinking colour and graphics are more important than actual information and  usability.


Hi Hackneyuser 👋, welcome back to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear your feedback regarding using your TIVO box to find Drama programming, thank you to the community for offering support with this until we have seen your post! Sorry to hear that you feel there are some issues with the accessibility of your TIVO service. Whilst we do still support TIVO, it is no longer our most up to date service, and you may find you would benefit from an upgrade to our TV 360 service, which includes a voice integrated remote where you can search for 'Drama' directly! You can read more about TV360 here 👉 Virgin TV 360 Box. On this basis I will also send you a PM to see if we can offer some support in upgrading your service to TV360 if you are interested. We would usually suggest upgrading via phone as you can discuss your options in real time, but as you have mentioned some accessibility concerns I would like to offer support with this as best as we possibly can. 

In the meantime, you may be interested in this article from Autumn 2022 for our TV drama picks 👉 All The TV Drama You’ll Be Watching This Autumn | Virgin Media or this article which outlines the 50 best new TV shows to watch in 2023 👉 The best new TV shows of 2023: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Netflix, Prime Video | Virgin Media

Hopefully we can help you access your favourite category of 'Drama' with a little less drama moving forwards! You can find my PM offering support in your Inbox 📩. We can return to this public thread with a further update when possible. 

All the best!





Sorry Molly have only just seen your reply.

And none of you comments answer my question.

I already have a TV 360 that is why I am complaining.

Because who ever did the programming for this must be a 6 year old. Drama is not the same as light entertainment, nor is it a box set. It is an entity in itself.

Added to which is was a separate category on the old Tivo, and thanks to that box's user friendlyness I could scroll through a list of drama helpfully listed under dramas and pick out things I might want to watch. And in fact it was very good that way, because I came across things I might not ordinarily  have watched eg on BBC 3.

This bizarre notion of having to go through more and more new tech loops to just perfomr a single task is madness.

It like hearing stories (probably not true) that young people dont know how to use a door bell so they text people when they arrive at someone's home.

And I certainly dont want to give up my own thinking capacity and just wait for somebody I have nothing in common with tell me this is the next thing you can watch.

Why when people say something isn't user friendly just at least be a tiny bit respectful and say, that's interesting I hadn't thought of it like that. I'll pass the suggestion on.

As I have said before this whole experience is like being transported to the planet depicted in Idiocracy.

Sorry also I had a phone call with tech support over the dimwitted set up of the TV 360 and basically was told VM cant do anything about anything as they no longer own the company so they just have to make do with what the new owners decide.

So, and this isn't meant personally, forums like this where someone can get a label "very insightful person" if now just feels like they are mouthing the sales pitch of the company.

So not only is the technology they are passing off as an improvement a let down, so is the support, if all anyone is able to do is just repeat the sales pitch of the owners.

Maybe they dont care, and it is all now being run by their kids in nursery school.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@hackneyuser wrote:

So, and this isn't meant personally, forums like this where someone can get a label "very insightful person" if now just feels like they are mouthing the sales pitch of the company.

I am keeping my response specific to the point I have quoted. The only post in this thread from a VIP user is newapollo in post#2 who gave you a valid factual answer without casting any opinions. They do use a TV360, but there are also several VIP users who use V6 despite all the marketing publicity for TV360.

VIP users on this forum are non-staff users who post independently of Virgin Media - and only give a sales pitch if they feel it is worthwhile and/or appropriate. But the label is invite-only, and is offered on the basis of a reliable posting history, often over many years.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Hi hackneyuser, thank you for returning to the thread to keep it updated. 

My sincerest apologies for any misunderstanding in my first post reply - and for any offence caused by my offerings of support. Thank you for letting us know you also contacted via phone regarding this issue. 

Sadly if there is no specific 'Drama' category viewable on the TV360 operating system, it would appear this is no longer a category listed to search for content. I will avoid getting into the semantics of what Drama vs Entertainment is, as that's not our support role here on the forum. 

Whilst I can appreciate your standpoint, being completely open and honest -this is not feedback we have received regularly to my knowledge. We are a little limited in what support we can provide for changing the operating system or filters on the TV360 box via our community forum, but I will certainly take your feedback and pass it on internally. 

If you want there to be a formal record of this feedback, where we can then discuss what you would be looking for as a resolution (and if this is possible), I would suggest raising a complaint. You can do this here 👉 Or, if you need additional support with raising this please reply again to this thread letting us know and we will send you a PM to offer help. 

If you have any other specific questions please do state them again as clearly as possible, and we will do our best to answer them - if we are able to! 

Thanks for your patience in the meantime. Wishing you all the best. 🌞