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TV 360 remote

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I've upgraded recently to the 360 and have difficulty getting it to turn on with the remote. Seem to have to press the red button several times or hold it down before anything will happen. Am I missing a trick here or is this normal?


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Is the box set to fast or active start, if it's set to eco start it takes longer.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi johnrambo18,

Thank you for your post. We're sorry to hear about the issue with your remote. 

To confirm, is this issue ongoing or have you been able to resolve this?


It is set to Active start.  The problem is not the time it takes to load, but rather getting the thing to come on at all. The red light remains lit. It takes several presses of the red button on the remote to get anything to happen

The issue is on going. It will not turn on each time I want to watch tv

wahHey johnrambo18, thank you for confirming this.

Please can I just confirm if this is for any sports or is it everything on the red button no matter what channel it is on. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

It's not to do with channels. It is when the box is in stand by and I want to turn it on. There has been a further development now. When it is off, no lights are showing at all. It used to glow red on stand by and white when on.

Thank you for your response @johnrambo18

Just to confirm, are you using the on the button as seen here? Also,

how long has this issue been ongoing?


Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @johnrambo18 

I don't know which type of TV you have, but I have noticed in some of the forum posts that some custoemrs with Smasungs TV's have to long press the 360 red power button a couple of times to wake up/turn off the samsung.

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No, the TV is fine. I have a Panasonic and this turns on ok with the white button top left of the remote. The issue is with getting the virgin box to come on