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TV 360 box keeps freezing & resetting

I've recently rejoined virgin and I've got issues with my TV 360 box.

Randomly it just freezes for anywhere upto 20 seconds then just carries on but the sound is out of sync with the picture. If I change channel and then go back again the audio is fine.

The box is freezing whilst watching live TV & recordings

It also has reset itself a couple of times, taking upto 3 mins to reboot (welcome screen etc)

I've phones the automated line and it's sent a ping and told me to reset the box (switch it off for 30 seconds and then back on, multiple times) but it's still happening.

Trying to talk to a human at Virgin is impossible. I go through fault fixing and it says were resetting all your equipment : Goodbye. I don't get the option to talk to a person.


Thanks in advance

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