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TV 360 Essential Tips

Hey all

I have covered these 2 points in answer to a couple posts but will just point them out here as some people may have missed them and people also seem to not know. These area coupe of things that I used a lot on the TiVo software and some people have said are not available on the 360 software. They are but the buttons are different.

1. If you are watching live TV and have rewound the programme back, on the TiVo software you could press the stop button to go back to live TV. To do this on the 360 software, as there is no dedicated stop button. Use the return/back button, the one you use to go back on a menu. This also acts as a stop button for a lot of things and it does when wanting to go back to live TV when having rewound.

2. When you have skipped forward or back on the main TV guide, you could press the stop button on TiVo software to go back to 'now' on the guide. To do this on the 360 software, just press the 'guide' button again. This will take you back to 'now'. This does not take you to the top of the guide as we know the 360 guide opens to what channel you are viewing. Either use voice control to say 'top' or similar to go to the top. But I find pressing '0', or even '000' makes it just jump straight to the top instantly.

If you already know these I apologise for teaching you to suck eggs, but I hope some people find it useful.

Thanks 🙂

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