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TV 360 Box & Router Compatibility

Hi. I am currently on a M100 broadband only deal with a Super Hub 2a router. I'd like to upgrade my package to M200 as the signal in one of my rooms is intermittent. We have up to 8 devices connected to the internet at any one time. I'd also like to get the TV 360 box. 

Do you think increasing the bandwidth to a 200Mb package would help the intermittent signal issue, or would I be better off buying a better router and using the virgin router as a modem? I've tried switching between 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. The 2.4 GHz is slightly better, but not by much. I've also played around with changing the wi-fi channels without much success, so I've reverted the router settings back to auto detect.

Is the TV 360 box compatible with the 2a router as I don't want to upgrade to a version 3 having read all of the problems that are being reported?

Finally, if I use my own router, could I still connect to the TV 360 box, with either a Virgin 2a or 3 Super Hub acting as a modem?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: TV 360 Box & Router Compatibility

Both the V6 & 360 boxes are fully compatible with the SH2 & SH3. And yes, you can put either router into modem mode and use your own router - which IMO is usually the best solution to resolve any wireless coverage issues. You've mentioned "I'd like to upgrade my package to M200 as the signal in one of my rooms is intermittent" - just remember the speed of your incoming broadband is a different thing to the wireless signal that your router provides.

As regards using the V6 & 360 with modem mode - it's absolutely fine and works well. There are sometimes some gremlins that are often related to blocked ports, and you can't expect any support from VM if that happens, except to say "try it with the SH connected directly". FWIW, my setup is a V6 with an SH3 in modem and a Netgear router - no issues (apart from some blocked ports that took a bit of tracking down)

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Re: TV 360 Box & Router Compatibility

I've never been able to get recordings to set or playback on a mini when using my own Router - an I know from VM that others have had the same issue. But it does work for others.

Even put the mini and main in same room and plugged both directly into back on my router - but still not record faciities on the mini. CU/OD always work fine.

As there is a workaround I don't think VM are really putting much effort into investigating.

@japitts - what are the blocked ports you fix? I could give them a try.

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