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Streaming, Ondemand and Recordings all broken

Ive had this issue for a while now and nothing seems to fix it, but cant get hold ov anyone at VM to sort it, so thought Id ask here before I chuck the box out the window

I am unable to stream anythings, start a live program from the beginning, or play most recordings because of the error messages in the photos. 

Ive tried rebooting the box. Ive left it off over night. Ive made sure its connected to the internet. Nothing works. Im at the end of my tether with it now. Someone please help!IMG_3035.jpegIMG_3036.jpegIMG_3037.jpeg

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Re: Streaming, Ondemand and Recordings all broken

Hi @m4tty_j 

There has been an issue with BBC iPlayer and live BBC channels displaying the CS2400 error - the iPlayer issue should be resolved now, it was an actual BBC issue.

There is a VM problem with the CS2400 error Channel failed on channels 101,102,601,861,862,863,864 and 865 which has been reported. It seems the 360 boxes are getting a signal from the red button prompt which is why channel playout is failing. You can force the channel to play without the pop up reappearing if you hit the back button on the 360 remote when the error message appears on the channel and then press pause and play 

The CS2500 on Thursday 23rd (3rd Rock from the sun) may have been due to a local issue. Did you use the Check service status at the top of the page on that occassion? (You can also a run a test on your equipment from there.)

Truth be told though, the Check Service Status is often only populated with details of wide spread outages. 

When yuo do have issues you could also try the automated Service Status number  0800 561 0061.  This often gives details of more localised issues down to postcode level. Whilst not ideal it's probably a better indicator of known problems and should also show the latest estimated date/time for any known faults to be repaired.


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