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Starting Up... Hanging with Amber light White and Pink

Joining in

Hello Team


This is my Second post on the same problem and issue with our Virgin TV

but for now, I want to share with us how to solve this issue if you experience this problem.

How to Solve it?

Here with a Step on how to fix it.

1. Check your ports like Ethernet Port

2. check your HDMI port, kindly plug out then Plugin

3. Check your Antena port

if this already check. Do this one.

a. off your device and unplug it from the power supply.

b. Plug in again the PRESS POWER BOTTON the Switch on.

if still Hang on Start Up. this is Lastly you do it,

#CHECK YOUR HDD and Change it to Brand new and wait for the installation of the system until done.

That's It. ONLY HDD Needs to Change or Replace.


If this is helpful to us, may I request you to donate me a remote for our Virgin TV 360, because my remote is broken, if someone can help me, please inform me to send my complete details from the Philippines.