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I set up the new broadband and then lid up the tv. We ended up having to go wireless as we can’t have broadband near the tv and broadband box is upstairs and now I can’t even watch programmes live error comes up 


We have the wire but that’s with the broadband box upstairs in another room 

If your landlord has already allowed a Virgin cable connection installed upstairs why wouldn't he allow one downstairs which makes more sense, have you tried asking him.

You can only get live TV on a 360 if it's connected to the white coax feed that goes to your hub and this need splitting either externally or internally and then connecting to the 360. The alternative which has already been suggested is to cancel the 360 and change to a Stream box which only needs a network connection.


What will the internet band speed be if I did go on to stream 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi again @Gothicangel755 

It needs a minimum speed of M50 the same as the 360 box, although you would be better with at least M125 or M250.


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I already pay for broadband m125 and that suits me but it’s just the not watching live tv which is annoying and the not being able to connect the wire. It’s settled in the agreement that we can’t have any drilling and work done to the house