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Can anyone tell me plz if my v6 box (which is now 360) goes into stand by will it still record series links etc that has been set to record to it plz.... I've moved the stand by to 24 hours so does this mean it will still turn off after 24 hours.. Or is that 24 if tv hasn't been on not sure how this works... Thankyou Pep x


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Yes it will, just make sure the box is set to fast start or active start.

The 24 hours setting is if you haven't interacted with the box it will go into standby.


Thanks Roy247. .. Did u mean it would record if it went into stand by or it won't... Never had that problem with my v6 going into to stand by... Just thinking ahead for when I'm on holiday and my recordings are all set to series link if box went into stand by when away lol need my soaps  Pep 

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No problem with the 360 recording in standby as long as it's set to fast start or active start.

You also don't need the box set to 24 hours.


Yea just checked mines is set to active mode and 24 hours.. Can't get used to this at all firstly I have v6 boxs and had to upgrade them and that went OK but then couldn't record or anything so got 2 new v6 boxs today from engineer and fingers crossed they are recording etc OK up to now... Just everything so different to old software on v6 Pep 

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Hi pep,

You can set which box to set recordings on there are some videos on this thread  which you may find useful.



Thanks Roy for helping me with all this.. I will definitely check out the link u sent...

Is there anything else u think I should know with the 360 that I'm likely to come across plz


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There are some patented TiVo features that you will miss such as quickview for one, as the 360 is Virgins in-house software so they can't use all of the things you might have got used to using. The big difference on series links is they can only be set when the programme is on the TV guide and they are channel specific there is no across channels like the V6 had.

If you can't find an answer already on the forum just ask again, some people don't like it others have adapted to the different software.


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Hi @pep4uk 

As @roy247 said, if yuo need any help just holler.

You might also find the following page useful in getting to know how the 360 works. 

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It’s a long time since I had V6 TiVo but its series link can only be single channel or All.

With TV 360 Horizon, you can have multiple single channel series links. This was particularly useful when the BBC were moving Eastenders between BBC1 and BBC2 randomly recently.

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