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Sound sync issues (yes… again!)

Tuning in

Hello friends!

I’m having terrible synchronisation issues since receiving my Virgin TV 360 box about 6 weeks ago. I’ve read as many forums as I can, tried the fixes, to no avail.

Current setup is:

  • Box - Virgin TV 360 v4.39
  • TV - Sony Bravia KDL-55W809C (all software is up to date)
  • Sound bar - SA-CT390 plus sub

Connections are:

  • Virgin 360 box via HDMI to TV
  • TV via HDMI to sound bar


Sync issues:

  • Audio is constantly out of sync and varies as time goes on e.g. can sync using delay +mms but then it slips
  • Removing the sound bar (Virgin 360 box to TV only) still has a delay
  • Using only an optical (Virgin 360 box to sound bar) helps with some issues but the ARC connection is gone between devices and I have to then mute the TV or you can still hear it trying to output audio


Can anyone please help at all before I spend (lose) hours of my life calling technical support?

I’d sincerely appreciate your guidance and expertise to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Thank you!


Community elder

As you haven't said but have you tried the 3 different Audio output settings in Settings, Audio & Video,

Follow content

PCM 5.1

PCM 2.0


I believe so.

Currently trialing the PCM 5.1 setting and not seeing any improvements.

Hi dirtysparkles, 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Apologies for the sound issues on the TV, please can you pop both boxes on and I'll be able to run some tests.



Forum Team

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They’re both on 👍

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @dirtysparkles thanks a lot for your confirmation.

There aren't any faults on the line, so can you try the following steps please:

Please adjust the audio sync by navigating to Home>Setting>Audio & Video and selecting the option for Audio Delay.

If you play around with this, you should hopefully notice some improvements - please let us know how you get on!

Many thanks


Hi Tom,

As mentioned above, this solution doesn’t work. The audio delay slips and gets worse over time.

Another solution required ASAP please!


Thank you for that information. 

To confirm, is this happening on multiple channels?


Yes. Horrendous last night watching catch-up TV! I have a video but I’m unable to add it to here?

Hey dirstysparkles, thank you for getting back to me and confirming you have messed around with the settings previous mentioned. 

Could you also confirm does it do this on normal TV so for example normal digital TV? like Freeview? If you haven't checked it could you please check this and let me know. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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