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Some episodes not recording on series link

Tuning in

Have recently upgraded from a Tivo to a new 360 box. Some small problems involving recording a program that is 4 hours + and it only records 1.5 hours still not solved.

However, it has now taken to missing episodes. Waterloo Road  it records episodes 1 and 2 misses 3, records 4 and 5 and misses 6. Go to catch up and the are not ther either. They are however on I player.

What is going on with this "upgrade" ???

Any suggestions please?

Thank you




Waterloo road is a mess.  Shows as season one as it's a reboot.  Best changing to record all.   

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi biccode, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the recordings, can you do what 1701-e has suggested and change to record all. 

Please let us know if you are still having issues following this? 

Kind regards, Chris. 



Thanks but it is set to record all/.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @biccode

Thank you for your reply, are you only having issues with recording this one program or are there others? 

I have tired to run a test on your box but it is currently unreachable, are you able to reboot this for me and ensure it is connected to the internet and switched on? So we can further assist?


Hi Zoie

The box has been rebooted a couple of times and is always connected to the internet.

The only other problem we have had is when recording a 4 or 5 hour music program. It only recorded 1.5 hours and then when you try to record it again it says already recorded. We deleted the partial recording and then it only recorded 25 mins. The box is relatively new and has 85% space available.

Thank you 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the response there, 

Just to clarify on this, is it just affecting that specific programme or are many affected by this? 

Let us know,


Joining in

I've recently changed to Virgin 360 from TiVo and this is just a box of crap. If a show is split in two with a news item between it's only recoding the first half. I've tried series record, I've tried recording just the program alone. Both halves show a red circle indicating both parts are active but no 2nd part when you come to watch the show. I've read others having similar problems, I'm assuming it's a software problem and needs sorting ASAP and also need an undelete folder plus if you cancel a series you don't lose all your pre recorded shows. It's not rocket science to sort this out. I'm using my old Humax to back up shows. I want to go back to TiVo a decent machine not this pile of junk. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Godzz, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I am sorry to hear of the experience you've been having with the record function. We also appreciate your feedback on the features listed. In terms of the programmes your having issues recording - what happens with the second part of the show, is it completely not there etc? 




I'm getting exasperated with faulty Series Link recording since "upgrading" to 360. Several times now the first two episodes broadcast at the scheduled 9pm have recorded properly, but episodes 3 and 4 have been recorded at 3 in the morning, which is when the sign language versions are broadcast. Whilst it is admirable to provide sign language versions for deaf people, it is extremely irritating for the vast majority who do not need this service and have to put up with a half screen size picture with the distraction of someone signing in the bottom RH quadrant of the screen. To rub salt into the wounds, Episodes 5 & 6 recorded normally. When oh when is VM going to sort out all these software glitches?!