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Sky Sports UHD anytime soon?

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  • It's now 3 years since the press statement claiming a deal has been struck with Sky for the provision of movies and sport in 4k uhd. Cinema 4k came in 2021 on virginmedia but when are we getting Sky Sport in 4k uhd?

My contract is up in September and a return to Sky is looking very tempting at the minute. 

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Very Insightful Person

@adhiren wrote:

Interesting....again I was told £7 despite having ultimate volt, etc.  I asked about the £4 and was told there's no such thing and it's £7 extra a month. 

I'll try in a week or so and see what I'm quoted then 

It's £4 extra if you've got Ultimate Volt with Sky Cinema & Entertainment UHD already.

If you don't it's £7 to add just Sky Sports UHD and £10 for both Sky Sports UHD and Sky Cinema & Entertainment UHD

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Yes, £7 is what I was told on chat this lunchtime before I was told to hold while a Care assistant could connect with me (I gave up after 90 mins).



I contacted via the web live chat and was told it was £3 extra

i already have sky cinema UHD at £6 extra per month so it seemed for me both cinema and sports was £9 extra

(this was reflected in the email)

No mention of £4 for me. I can see a complaint going on. AGAIN

Similar to what I had. They removed Movies UHD and Sports UHD didn't appear.

UK call centre fixed it while on the call with Sports UHD appearing and a discount too.

@Mills82 wrote:

The man I spoke to this morning messed my package up. Stripped UHD instead of adding and put my bill up £4 a month.

After being passed from pillar to post on the phone I finally got through to a gentlemen in Swansea, who handled my complaint brilliantly. He informed me I will go back down to £65 and they’ll restore my UHD services, but but did confirm it is £7 for UHD and not £4 which I was told this morning. I agreed to this, as my I’m happy to get everything for £72. So Sky Sports UHD is now up and running. If only everyone in Virgin customer services were so good. 


1.2Gb/100Mb in Oxford (area 31) using SH5

You'll find that most stuff on Main Event UHD is upscaled from HD. There is very little true UHD live sport on Sky still.

Most football is from EPL, EFL and WSL. Most UK based cricket too - and all live F1.

@RayW2 wrote:

The cricket (I assume) is HD upscaled as SuperSport (S. Africa) don't do UHD to the best of my knowledge - so I think the football will probably be the first UHD programming proper.





1.2Gb/100Mb in Oxford (area 31) using SH5

The football is on both SpcialEvent UHD and UHD 1 (533).

Finally sky sports uhd up and running in HLG HDR and Dolby Atmos, however Ent and Cinema UHD has been removed despite me emphasising I just wanted sports uhd adding and and nothing taken off. I can't be bothered phoning again tonight so it'll be first thing in the morning, can't wait !

This made me check. Luckily I haven't lost anything except a potential £3 a month. 

Just signed up via chat. It had activated during the conversation. Looks good. 7 quid a month. That's with Ultimate Volt. Went from 85 to 92.