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Sky Sports Golf Red Button Issue on 360

Tuning in

I’ve recently upgraded my V6 box to 360 but can’t see Sky Sports Golf Red Button broadcast… Any ideas please?


Hi all, 

Thanks for taking the time to post here and we can only apologise to hear there were issues last week. 

The issue was raised with the team and we will also ensure feedback is given to the relevant departments. 

Hopefully things will have improved before the next red button event. 

Apologies once again. 


Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Thanks Cath_F for your response and for passing on. However as you can see this problem has been going on for over a year and from various VM sources have received very different answers to what is the problem and hiw you are investigating.

I definitely feel that VMs actions are hollow and not fucussed on sufficiently finding a solution. 

My solution to gaining some kind of traction is for all those VM customers wishing to receive a golf red button service that we pay for and above all would love to be able to use report either here, report to VM by calling 150 or using social media channels to help VM realise and fully understand there is an inherent problem with this service. I think a year has been ample time to understand and accept that a problem exists. 

By the way if virgin insist on sending an engineer to you please make sure they come during a golf tournament i.e.thursday to Sunday and hopefully when there is red button coverage, otherwise they are wasting their and your time. Let's get this resolved please.

Hi ADMJ, thank you for your feedback. 

I can appreciate your frustration given the experience. As Kath previously mentioned we have raised this with the relevant departments who are investigating further. 

If the issue happens again please do return to this thread to keep us updated. If there are multiple customers reporting this issue in the thread it does help us to identify and resolve the root cause of the issue, and accurately measure the number of customers impacted. 

If there is any further action you would like us to take for your individual case - (for example, raising a complaint) please let us know! You can raise complaints here: and track them here 

All the best 


On our wavelength

Thanks Molly but if someone from VM technical would bother to check the red button coverage when it's on you would see 1st hand the issue. You would therefore not have to monitor this thread for any other disgruntled customers. By the way how many people have to be disgruntled and report for proper action to be taken?

I really feel in so many areas of VM I have been fed platitudes.

Kind regards 


It's the same story again today - red button golf coverage not working yet again. When will you get this sorted? There's been months of complaints, loads of talk about talking to the relevant people, and yet the problem persists. It's really annoying as I'm paying you to watch the golf coverage and you're not delivering 

On our wavelength

Hello Molly thank you for pointing me towards your complaints department but if you would read back you would see I have already used your complaints system twice now. 1st time I was told that VM do not have an agreement with Sky to show golf red button coverage🤔 which according to other VM sources is untrue. The 2nd time offered no response whatsoever. So thank you for offering your complaints department but I don't think that works. Could you please advise who I can turn to next in order to upscale and get an accurate answer to what I'm sure is many people's golf red button problem.




I'm sorry to hear of the ongoing issues with Golf on the red button using 360 boxes. I will be passing your feedback onto the team for this to be looked into further.



Grateful for your reply Stephen but I’m afraid we need more than another look into it… we simply expect to receive the service we’re paying for and not to be disappointed week after week, month after month and so on… very dissatisfied 👎☹️👎

The other week you had the pictures and the commentary from the formula 1 together. You can do the pictures, you can do the commentary albeit from the wrong channel. It can't be much of a change from that set up to get it sorted: repeat exactly what you did that occasion, only with the commentary from the correct channel playing

Hi both, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this. We understand the frustration but as mentioned by Steven, we have fed this back to the relevant teams. For now there isn't anything more we can do. 

Hopefully you won't have the issue going forward. 


Forum Team

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