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Should I be keeping hub and box on 24/7?

Tuning in


I have recently upgraded to 360 with new box and hub 5. As always I switch these off at night as I had been doing previously with the old TiVo equipment and old router. 
With the new equipment however, the Wifi seems to be problematic first thing when switched on and I have to reboot. 
Is it better to keep this on overnight? As everyone is, I am conscious of the cost of this. Just some questions- 

*is there a standby button for the Hub 5?

*can I turn off the light? I sleep in the room it is located

* is it ok to turn off tv and box but keep hub5 on?

Sorry for all the questions! 




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM's equipment is designed to be left powered-up 24/7/365, and the TV-side especially tends to push out software updates overnight and EPG schedule updates at regular intervals.

By switching your TV360 off overnight, you are likely to cause issues with the service sooner or later - delayed updates and/or slow startup cycles being the two obvious examples. The box has power-saving options such that TV360 will be in standby for the majority of the overnight hours, with the HDD spun-down.

Without doing extensive maths, I can't imagine this adding more than a few ££ to an annual power bill.

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The cost of leaving the 360 box on overnight was discussed in this thread I would set the box to active start and leave in standby, the TV can be turned off.

There is no standby button for the Hub 5, you also can't turn the light off but you could cover it with some black tape or something similar.


Thanks, that’s great. 

i did read somewhere on here that someone discovered how to dim the light on the Hub 5?

If you are on the latest firmware, currently being rolled out:

Alessandro Volta

I recommend that you do the same as me which is to put the box into standby whenever not in use.

As for your TV: you should turn it off unless it's an OLED in which case you put it in standby.

If any lights disturb you I've found a piece or two of masking tape to be an effective and cheap solution.

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Tuning in

Thanks for all the help. As of last night, the tv was turned off, box in standby and light covered with black tape on my Hub!