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Set available channels favourite?

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When setting up favourite channels on the V6 softwear, the system would show which channels were actually available on my account, making it easy to select the channels I could actually watch.

Since upgrading to 360 software this doesn't seem the case, when setting favourites the softwear doesn't show which channels I have access to.

Anyone know how to easily set all the channels I can watch as favourites?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @360boy 

You can use Profiles on the 360 box to set up the EPG in a way that allows you to control exactly what you see listed for channels. The 'Shared' profile will always show all channels.
To set up favourites you have to create a profile or profiles. Each profile can set up their own set of favourite channels. Go via the settings menu, or press the profile button on the side of the remote control.

The info below is from the page

Personalised Profiles with Virgin TV 360 box What are personalised Profiles – what can I do?

Creating accounts (or Profiles) on Virgin TV 360 makes sharing your telly easier and more fun for everyone. When you’re signed in on your Profile, you’ll have:

Your very own lists:

Your Favourites – easier to find the channels you like best. Your Continue Watching – pick up where you left off: if someone else is watching the same movie or TV series as you, you won’t mess up each other’s place.

  • Your TV Recommendations – unaffected by what others are watching: shows chosen specially for you and your interests.
  • Your Watchlist – telly you’ve saved for later: no one else’s shows cluttering up the list.

    Settings – as you left them:

    Subtitles, Audio Description and Guide display settings – untouched by others who watch your telly. Channels – favourites in the order you set up, or you see all channels How to create up to 6 profiles

    Tap the Profiles button – on the right-side edge of the 360 remote.

    Follow the steps on your telly to create your profile and give it a name and colour– when you have a few set up, use the Profiles button to switch between them while watching telly.

    Can I create profiles for groups too? Profiles are an easy way to share channel lists – such as for sports shows or kids telly – with your household.
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