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Seek bar at end of recording

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I have a V6 box running V360 firmware. When I play a recording, it will play from the beginning, but the seek bar will be at the end of the recording. This means I get the "Do you want to delete this recording" popup at the beginning of playback. But more annoyingly, I cannot fast forward within the recording, as the device thinks I'm at the end of the recording.

Has anyone else had this?



This should have been posted on the 360 forum a V6 box uses TiVo software and a 360 uses Virgins in house software Horizon but don't worry one of the VIP's will move it.

There does seem to be a few users reporting a similar problem, don't know if they are all updated V6 to 360 boxes.

You can turn off the Keep / Delete option to make sure you don't lose anything by accident.

Press Home > Recordings > Recorded > View All > Manage Storage > Enter your pin > Ask to delete after watching > Set to Off.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@davewillo wrote:


I have a V6 box running V360 firmware

As already mentioned, there's no such thing as a "V6 running TV360" - when your V6 was reformatted and the Horizon software was installed to replace the TiVo-software, it stopped being a V6 and is now just a TV360-master.

It's otherwise a bit like referring to a "Windows 10 laptop running Windows 11"

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