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Save/record something on catch up

Tuning in

Is there a way to record/save/download something that has already been on TV?

I have seen a show that I want to start watching but episode 1 has already aired. 
I’ve set the box to start recording from episode 2 but need to watch the first one. 
When I go to the show the only option seems to be to watch it there and then I can’t save it to watch later. 
I had also started the show a couple of times to see if that saved it anywhere but it doesn’t so if I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing I’d need to remember to search for it again and where I got to in the episode to continue watching it. 

Am I missing something or is this just how it is and the option to download something and save it doesn’t exist?


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I don’t believe you can record from Catch Up but most programmes that are on catch up are there for at a minimum the length of the whole series, don’t know if that helps.

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Hi Jimmy_G,

You can only record from live TV, if you set your series link using the Advanced options and select All from Series X (select which ever series you are currently watching) then if Episode 1 get's repeated it should record it.

You should also be able to press the Home button and scroll down to a Continue Watching list and you might find the episode you have started watching there.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Only recording of broadcasts is allowed (from the internal CATV tuners in the box). Even then the channel recorded must have an EPG number, so it will not record Red Button channel content (excluding BBC Red Button, which is on EPG channel 991). Catch-up is streamed to the box from the internet, so bypasses the recording circuitry. The BBC iPlayer app does allow you to download some programmes to mobiles & tablets, but not to set top boxes.

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