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Removing TV service from a current contract

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I posted yesterday about a problem I'm having with my TV360 box. The technician is coming to look at it on Monday and I'm pretty sure that the box will need replacing.

But having spent a day without VM's TV service, I'm starting to wonder whether I need the service at all. I watch most of my TV through streaming services. The only thing I'd miss would be the ability to record programmes - and I'm sure I'd get over that soon enough.

So I'm wondering about the practicalities. I'm currently in a contract (renewed a couple of months ago) with Broadband+TV+Phone (I never use the phone - there's not even a handset plugged in). IT is possible to remove the TV service (and, maybe, the phone) and switch to a broadband-only service? What would that be likely to cost me each month?

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @davorg 

It is possible to do that, however as you've recently taken out a new contract you would need to pay early disconnection fees on any parts of the bundle that you wish to cancel. This would also start a new broadband only contract.  The most VM will charge for early termination is £288 (including VAT) so you would need to work out if dropping parts of the package and paying the fee would save you money in the long term 


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